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World Cup going green from top to bottom

brazil_iStock_000033912392SmallGreen is more than one of Brazil’s team colors. The World Cup, played out across the South American country, also boasted green technology.

For starters, the pitch (that’s what the rest of the world calls the field) was a hybrid of real grass and artificial turf fibers created by Dutch company Desso. The GrassMaster system injects about 20 million artificial fibers into a natural grass pitch. At only 2 centimeters apart, the fake grass gives the real grass a strong base to wrap its roots around. This results in a denser carpet that can withstand four times the use and can last for 15 years when compared to a real-grass-only field. This also cuts down on maintenance, since the pitch only needs to be reseeded sporadically and doesn’t need to be replaced with rolls of turf. And, it means more events can use the field since there isn’t as much down time.

Now that we’ve looked down, let’s look up.

The Brazilian team plane went green too. Brazil jetted from venue to venue on a combination of used cooking oil and inedible corn oil manufactured by a Honeywell company. UOP LLC’s Green Jet Fuel is 50 percent oil and 50 percent petroleum-based jet fuel. It was used in 200 commercial flights during the competition, which ran through July 13.

Utilizing feedstock fuel also provides a renewable answer to meeting the needs of a global population angered by increasing jet fuel prices and therefore increasing airfare.

No comment, though, from the angry Brazilian populace, who suffered a home turf drubbing at the hands of Germany that knocked them out of the Cup.

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