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New Whitepaper: Best Practices in Electricity Procurement: A Guide for Mid-Market Companies

242x302bestpractices_electricityprocurementBest Practices in Electricity Procurement: A Guide for Mid-Market Companies

Electricity costs have a major impact on middle-market operating budgets. In this paper learn about best practices for procuring electricity supply, including:

  • The opportunity to work with a competitive retail electricity supplier
  • How to compare electricity supply prices, and contract terms and conditions
  • How frequently buyers should monitor electricity expenditures and market fluctuations
  • what factors to consider when selecting an electricity supplier

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Combined Heat and Power (CHP): How Building Owners can Reap Financial, Environmental, and Resiliency Benefits with Reduced Grid Dependence.

Combined Heat and PowerIn it you’ll learn the following about your next CHP project:

  • How NYSERDA PON 2568 can help you cut installation costs
  • How N+1 configurations can qualify for an additional DR-enablement incentive
  • How savings and earnings can reduce a simple payback from 9 years to 4 years
  • How investments in CHP and backup generation can unlock financial, environmental, and resiliency benefits

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Smart Companies Utilize Integrated Energy Solutions

Businesses face a number of obstacles in their quest to reduce and manage energy costs. Chief among them, according to a 2012 study by the Institute for Building Efficiency, is a lack of funding for new energy facilities and equipment. Other reasons include insufficient payback or ROI, lack of technical expertise and uncertainty regarding savings and performance.

These obstacles can be overcome with a comprehensive approach offered by an experienced Integrated Energy Solutions Provider.

Download this complimentary whitepaper to learn more on:

  • How to avoid a piecemeal approach to energy management solutions
  • What smart businesses are doing with procurement strategies, demand response, and energy efficiency programs
  • How Integrated Energy Solutions Providers assess, plan and implement integrated energy plans
  • The checklist of items you should consider when evaluating Integrated Energy Solutions Providers

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2013-2014 Winter Polar Vortex

It’s not surprising then that electricity demand hit record highs this winter. With consumers using significantly more energy and wholesale market prices at record highs, it has been a not so perfect storm resulting in shockingly high winter energy bills for many consumers exposed to the market.  This whitepaper addresses the following questions:

  1. What happened?
  2.  Why have prices spiked?
  3.  How have Consumers been impacted?
  4.  What do we have to say from a supplier’s standpoint?
  5.  What do we recommend?

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How “Fixed” is the Fixed Price Product You Are Purchasing From Your Electricity Supplier?

Over the past year or two, it has become increasingly common for electricity suppliers to sell a fixed price product to customers and later pass through additional costs. In other words, fixed prices have become less and less fixed. The electricity equivalents of baggage fees and fuel assessments have started showing up on more and more customer bills.

This paper addresses the following questions:

Why are some suppliers passing through costs on a fixed price product?

Under what circumstances are some suppliers passing through costs?

What contract mechanisms do some suppliers use to pass through costs?

What components are most likely to be passed through?

What products and tools is ConEdison Solutions making available to its customers and partners to improve clarity on fixed price products and pass-through costs?  Download White Paper

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Let’s Do The Math for DR

In this white paper you will learn about the following:

In-depth analysis of the two new 3-year retention bonuses. Learn how high performance DR can really pay off with the local utility programs.

In-depth analysis of the two new 3-year retention bonuses. Learn how high performance DR can really pay off with the local utility programs.

Overview of the VPower software for AutoDR, Real-time DR Event Monitoring, and Utility Demand Management.  Download White Paper

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