The Benefits of Leveraging Energy Services, Part 4: Hospitals

The Benefits of Leveraging Energy Services, Part 4: HospitalsIt’s early Monday morning and you are just settling into another hard-charging work week as a hospital CEO, Administrator, COO or CFO.  Your assistant lets you know that you have visitors—unplanned visitors.  Surprise!  A Joint Commission (JCAHO) and a CMS inspection team are at your facility to perform an impromptu inspection.

Are you ready?  Is your Environment of Care what it needs to be?  Lower than expected scores can negatively impact your hospital’s competitive and fiscal performance; not to mention that they could cause harm to your reputation.  Unfortunately, hospital administrators must always be ready.  Happy Monday morning!

In an era of an ever-changing healthcare industry that feels the pain of shrinking reimbursement rates and ever increasing regulations, the pressure is on healthcare and hospital administrators.  Do you feel the need for some pressure relief?  A qualified Energy Services Company (ESCO) can help.

Today, more than ever, you need help from partners who can provide the expertise that you require, but that is not core healthcare knowledge.  Expertise that is necessary for mission critical services that improve bottom line results, while at the same time improve the Environment of Care.  Pressure relief for you—without pain to your daily hospital operations.

When it comes to critical hospital infrastructure and the know-how to impact bottom line results while improving your ability to deliver a high level of patient care, an ESCO partner such as ConEdison Solutions might just be part of the answer to achieving your business goals.

We have a dedicated and highly experienced healthcare team, including engineering and critical infrastructure experts with a proven record of partnering with healthcare clients. They understand the critical requirements of healthcare operations and how energy infrastructure impacts the operational and financial goals. Compliance concerns and inherent risks to your organization don’t have to become a costly concern to you.

ConEdison Solutions is looking for clients who value a consultative approach to understanding and solving your critical infrastructure and energy needs, while eliminating compliance issues and risks.  Oftentimes, our solutions solve infrastructure problems while achieving attractive bottom line results, an enhanced Environment of Care, and improved regulatory scores.

Contact us to find out more about how ConEdison Solutions can contribute to your success and save you scarce dollars while doing so.  Happy Monday morning!


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