The Benefits of Leveraging Energy Services, Part 1: Municipalities

The Benefits of Leveraging Energy Services, Part 1: Municipalities

Most of the services provided by municipalities are funded directly by their constituents’ tax dollars.  As such, municipal leaders are constantly challenged to meet the expectations of their constituents without overspending.  A failure to make appropriate investments at a municipal level may result in budgetary shortfalls for essential needs such as public transportation, emergency response, resource appropriation and more.

On the other hand, municipal leaders cannot expect constituents to idly accept continuous tax hikes.  In order to strike a balance between need and cost, municipal leaders must make investments that will enable their agencies and departments to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Municipal leaders looking to take a proactive approach towards optimizing the impact of their expenditures may want to consider examining their municipality’s overall energy consumption.  Many municipalities continue to utilize outdated legacy lighting systems, fleets of vehicles that require significant gasoline consumption, and facilities designed without energy efficiency in mind.  Even if the best available options were employed at a point in the past, there are more recent technologies available today that can drastically improve a municipality’s energy efficiency—and this translates not only into energy and dollars saved, but also improved working conditions, higher workforce productivity, and a smaller carbon footprint as well.

If your municipality is ready to begin taking advantage of more energy-efficient solutions to maximize the impact of your constituents’ tax dollars, don’t approach the task haphazardly.  Your municipality may have the opportunity to leverage professional energy services to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure, as well as for new construction projects.

Leveraging professional energy services will not only help save energy and money, but ensure that the job gets done correctly the first time around, while raising the bar for workplace comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the professional energy services which your municipality may want to consider utilizing.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

By partnering with an organization that offers Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC), your municipality may be able to leverage a turn-key solution for optimizing the energy efficiency of your town’s existing facilities and infrastructure.  In an ESPC, widely used by federal, state and local governments, your town can get new, more efficient equipment without any capital expenditures by financing the upgrades through the energy cost savings the equipment produces, all guaranteed by the project implementer.

What’s included in ESPC programs?

  • Initial energy inspections will identify upgrade opportunities for energy performance improvement;
  • Investment grade audits will provide in-depth, detailed energy initiatives, cost savings, implementation costs, and identify available federal, state and utility energy grants, incentives and rebates;
  • A detailed project schedule including integrated engineering and design, management of on-site construction and system-wide testing;
  • Low-cost financing paid by the energy savings, with the savings guaranteed by the energy services company that completed the work
  • Ongoing monitoring of energy savings to verify performance and maintenance of your installation, and
  • Annual reports detailing cumulative energy and cost savings from your improvements.

Engineering/Design/Build Services

If your municipality is planning to construct new facilities or do major renovations, leveraging professional design/build services will help your municipality to optimize energy efficiency from start to finish.

Here’s how:

  • Preliminary evaluations from engineers to ensure that your construction project meets your organizational needs;
  • Recommendations for project designs, accounting for installation costs, energy efficiency, system performance, operational and maintenance costs and equipment reliability;
  • Design and development tailored to provide optimal energy efficiency at the lowest cost;
  • Review and selection of subcontractors to perform construction and installation, and
  • On-site project managers ensure that construction is completed safely, skillfully and on schedule.

To learn more about how your municipality can leverage the wide array of Energy Services programs, please contact a representative at ConEdison Solutions here.

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