Decisions, Decisions: What Homeowners Should Know About Energy Choice


Are you aware of the many benefits that energy deregulation offers?  As a homeowner, you might be unsure, even if you live in one of the states offering access to deregulated electricity supply, i.e. freedom to choose your energy supplier.  That said, its impact—financially and environmentally—may seem rather hard to pinpoint for those who haven’t yet taken advantage of this beneficial government policy, though it’s existed for quite some time now, even up to 20 years in some markets.

Rather than explaining the ins and out of energy deregulation (for that information, check out our infographic), let’s explore the myriad of ways that having a say in determining the source of your energy supply can produce positive results for homeowners.  After all, the primary objective of this policy was to provide more energy supply choices for homeowners.  In states that offer energy choice, homeowners can make decisions based on different pricing models, special incentives, and different types of energy sources.  As such, homeowners should become more familiar with the ways in which taking advantage of energy choice can improve their lives.

For example, more competitive pricing is available in states that offer energy choice.  Homeowners can choose an electricity supplier that is different than their default utility provider and, in doing so they can gain access to a wider selection of supply options.  Some suppliers offer fixed pricing plans that enable customers to protect themselves against unexpected price increases.  As well, consumers may be interested in choosing suppliers that offer variable pricing plans and more competitive rates.  Pricing options will vary across the nation, however, as a homeowner it is certainly worth your while to consider your options and do your research when it comes to energy choice—especially if you have a choice!

Homeowners may want to consider green supply options in states that allow energy choice. Indeed, if going green is important to you, look for a plan that enables you to give back to the environment by choosing renewable energy options.  Not every energy supplier will offer completely green energy resources, but many do include at least a portion of sustainable power in their electricity supply.  When it comes to sustainability even a small step can make a difference.

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