Celebrate Mom by Conserving Household Electricity

Happy mothers day card made by a child

Happy mothers day card made by a child

Ah, Mother’s Day.  It brings to mind warm weather, fresh flowers and, well, scrambling to get your mother a gift.  After all, it’s not easy to pick a material object that can hold a candle to the gift of nurturing received from the woman who raised you.  No wonder so many children (even the adult ones) start to feel the pressure of finding mom the perfect gift that truly says, “I appreciate all that you do.”

Here’s some food for thought:  This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of listening to her advice.  Doesn’t Mom always remind you to turn off the lights, turn off the television, and forget about that phone?

So, make the day even more special (and get your mind off missed calls), by taking mom on one of the energy-efficient outings listed below.

Picnic in the great outdoors:  Take mom on a picnic.  Bring some yard games and enough food for the whole family so that you can spend the entire day outside using only natural energy from the sun.  And when the sun goes down, extend your energy-efficient celebration into the night with a bonfire and roasted marshmallows in the backyard.  This way, you can spend the entire day outdoors without overusing mom’s household electricity.

Plant a garden:  What’s even better than giving mom a bouquet of flowers?  Try spending the day planting a new garden in the fresh air.  Encourage your family members to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty.  Not only will you create memories that a store-bought bouquet simply cannot supply, you will also ensure that your family conserves energy.

Museum-hop and shopping:  If Mother’s Day happens to be rainy, take mom to a museum of her choosing.  You’ll still be out of the house doing something that your mother enjoys and not using her home’s electric power.  If you really want to take your dedication to energy conservation up a notch, take mom shopping for some upgraded Energy Star-rated appliances.  After all, Energy Star appliances are proven to be more efficient than products that haven’t earned the label.

Mother knows best!  It’s about time you showed her that you understand.  Try one of these Mother’s Day ideas, and don’t forget to reach out to ConEdison Solutions for information about electricity supply that can help you to better manage your energy usage.

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