A Few Things to Remember While Lighting Up the BBQ This Weekend

Memorial DayFor many Americans, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer.  Homeowners dream of waves crashing on the beach and firing up the grill in anticipation of spending more time outdoors.

What’s more, summertime means you can retire unnecessary appliances, or at least reduce their use.  But even though you can kiss certain appliances goodbye until autumn rolls around, it’s likely you’ll be using new ones to stay cool during the hot summer months – for instance, A/C or oscillating fans, and a pool pump.

In order to conserve energy when the seasons change, here are a few appliances you might’ve used frequently during the winter that you try to use less during the summer:

  • Oven: The average oven consumes 2,000-2,200 watts (W) per hour of energy. You can trim down your electricity bill during the summer by cooking more foods on a natural gas or charcoal grill;
  • Entertainment devices: Challenge yourself and your family to spend more time outdoors soaking up the sunshine rather than watching TV or playing video games. On average, a plasma TV uses, per hour, 280-450 W of energy; an LCD TV uses 125-200 W per hour; video, DVD or CD players use 20-60 W of energy per hour; TV box (cable box) uses 30-40 W of energy per hour; and finally, the last piece of your indoor entertainment system, a game console, uses 45-190 W per hour.  Consider that during the winter months you probably used all of these appliances quite frequently—perhaps all at once.  This summer, take to the outdoors as much as possible and reserve indoor entertainment for a rainy day or after the sun goes down.)
  • Microwave: On average, your microwave oven uses 600-1500 W of energy per hour. This summer, you may want to try nuking your meals less often.  Instead, when you are in need of a quick fix, eat fresh veggies and fruits that are in season.  In fact, you may even consider growing your own veggie garden and try your hand at farm-to-table living in your own home.  After all, raw veggies are packed with nutrients that are good for you and your family, but they also taste great served straight from the grill!

So, even though you use the above appliances less often in summer, you’ll be using new ones.  To ensure that you use electricity wisely during the summer months, you may want to have your A/C unit serviced to improve its efficiency.  Furthermore, only turn on fans and pool pumps when needed.  When you leave the house or the pool isn’t in use, these appliances should be powered down.

This Memorial Day weekend, prepare for summer energy efficiency.  You can read more about energy choices and solutions on the ConEdison Solutions Energy Blog!  Click here.

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