Don’t Let Earth Day Pass By Without Your Participation

Battery containing solar panels against blue sky

Battery containing solar panels against blue sky

It’s almost Earth Day and that means people are starting to think green.  And while doing your part on this special day dedicated to recognizing and acting upon environmental change is certainly respectable, what would be even more upright would be to maintain this mindset for the other 364 days of the year as well.

With that said, choosing a way to become actively engaged in the environmental movement can be overwhelming at times, especially for homeowners that might think that their small contributions aren’t enough to make a difference.  The truth is, no matter how small your contribution—whether you plant a tree, commit to recycling or pledge to unplug unused household appliances—it does make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

At ConEdison Solutions, we are happy to lend a helping hand and offer words of advice to homeowners looking for ways to take part in Earth Day celebrations, as well as green initiatives every other day of the year.  As such, here are three ways we think you can make a positive environmental contribution on Earth Day 2016 (it’s much simpler than you’d expect!):

Turn off the lights:  See?  We told you celebrating Earth Day was simple.  Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather that individuals in so many parts of the country are enjoying this time of the year and opt for a day outdoors.  What’s more, a little natural light never hurt anyone.  Open the windows and let the sunshine light up your home or office, rather than employing lamps and overhead light fixtures to brighten your environment.  In doing so, you’ll reduce the electricity consumption used in your home or office, which not only preserves our Earth’s precious resources but also saves you money!

Start composting:  Earth Day isn’t just about saving energy it’s about using your resources wisely, too.  As such, make April 22nd the day you start composting at your home.  Rather than toss biodegradable foods in trash, place them in a bucket to start creating compost.  The compost can then be used to enhance the soil in your garden.  Composting also serves other benefits such as reducing the amount of waste you and your family produce.  As a result, you’ll reduce the amount of waste brought to landfills, and instead, you can use it as a nutrient source for your blooming backyard!

Fine-tune heating and cooling systems:  One of the smartest ways to make your home a lean, mean energy-saving machine is to have your heating and cooling systems regularly serviced.  Ensuring that the appliances which heat and cool your home are running at optimal efficiency will greatly reduce your energy consumption, and your electricity bills.

Homeowners:  Celebrate Earth Day today, and every other day of the year.   Click here to learn more about how ConEdison Solutions can provide you with the solutions and education you need to “think green” every day.

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  1. I’ll never turn down advice for improving energy efficiency. I liked your tip about composting, which is a great way of reusing resources that otherwise would go to a landfill. Also, it would be a great idea for me to fine-tune my heating and cooling system to make sure energy is not being wasted. Thanks for sharing this post!

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