It’s Nearly April: Don’t Be a Fool When It Comes to Your Home’s Energy Choice!

April-foolsWhen April 1st comes around each year, practical jokers take the opportunity to pull harmless (hopefully) pranks on their friends and family.  And while it’s alright to be the “fool” on this one day, let the calendar date remind you to consider where your actions—or inactions—may have been less than savvy on other days.

Take your home’s electricity supply as an example.  If you live in a state that allows energy choice, have you educated yourself about the different energy suppliers, pricing options and alternative energy sources at your fingertips?  Don’t play the fool all year long by getting electricity that does not meet your needs when you could be choosing an option that is just right for you.

For instance, when it comes to energy choice, understanding all your pricing options is extremely important as some suppliers offer fixed or variable pricing plans.  In addition, when comparing one supplier to another, ensure that your research is thorough so that a potentially valuable detail — such as hidden fees — doesn’t slip through the cracks.  This may sound obvious; however, some companies may charge upfront or sign up fees in return for a lower price per kilowatt.  As such, comparing the prices between competitors can become difficult as some suppliers might not be transparent about these additional fees.

What’s more, many suppliers charge for the cancellation of services, which they may not indicate during the initial sign up stage.  You want to ensure that if you need to leave a supplier for any reason, you can do so simply and without shelling out additional and unexpected funds.  Read offers carefully to be sure you understand the agreement and ask questions about details that aren’t clear.

How long has the supplier you are interested in been in the business?  Has this company maintained a positive reputation for a long period of time?  Are they experts in energy or are they a company focused on slick marketing?  These are important things to consider when you are choosing a supplier.  Furthermore, you should know about the customer service operations of the supplier so that you can contact them easily if something should go wrong during the length of your energy supply contract.

At ConEdison Solutions, we love a good April Fool’s Day hoax, but when it comes to energy supply, we don’t joke around.  Click here to learn more about we what have to offer in states that allow energy choice.

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