Energy Education for Kids

iStock_000005106659_Smalkid_bulbThe Internet has a wide range of resources available to help educate kids of all ages about energy topics. Some discuss a broad range of energy topics. Others have a strong focus on clean energy and the environment. Many offer lesson plans or activities that teachers can employ in classes. This article introduces parents and teachers to a wide range of websites aimed at helping kids, ranging in age from kindergarten to high school, learn about energy.

Energy Information Sites for Kids

  • The California Energy Commission’s Energy Quest website features an “Energy Story” divided into 20 “chapters” that explain everything from the science behind electricity to the different technologies used to produce energy. It also touches on the related environmental issues we’re facing today. This information is written for a middle-to-high-school audience.
  • The Energy Information Administration’s Energy Kids site discusses everything from the history of energy, scientific overviews of different forms of energy, statistics about where our energy comes from, and ideas about how kids can help their families and schools save energy. The content is primarily aimed at a high school audience.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Kids site focuses on clean energy, the environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels, and how to save energy and fight climate change. The content features many pictures and is geared more toward elementary school students.

Lesson Plans
The California Energy Commission has a great list of Energy & Science Lesson Plans. Here are some of the best links from that page:

  • The National Science Teachers Association’s Learning Center has thousands of lesson plans and other resources, including many free lessons related to energy.
  • ScienceNetLinks features a wide range of lesson plans for students of all ages.
  • The Department of Energy has an online portal for K-12 Instructional Resources.
    The Alliance to Save Energy lists energy-efficiency Lesson Plans that teachers have shared.

Games for Kids
Most of the games here are intended for elementary-aged students, but some may interest older students too.

  • has over 200 games aimed at teaching kids about science, including several about energy in the Save the World section of the site.
  • The Energy Quest website has a number of games like energy Sudoku, connect the dots, and word scrambles.
  • The Energy Information Administration’s Energy Kids site has riddles, puzzles, science experiments, quizzes, and other activities.

While these may have been created to help kids learn more about energy, adults may also like visiting these resources. You can have fun and learn some new information about a product you use every day: energy!

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